Brianna Jordan

Brianna Jordan


Name: Brianna Jordan
Current age: 27
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Very, very long & ALL NATURAL!
Eye color: Light Brown
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican & Italian
Location: Vegas
Do you have children: HELL NO-not yet anyway ;o)

What are your measurements? Nothing better then a small waisted, curvy in all the right places
chick, 34F-27-,40 (athletic, muscular, curvy) No tattoos or Piercings

How old are you? Its not polite to ask a lady her age, I’m 20 something until I’m 30 something

Birthplace: Believe it or not, I was born in DC

Current Location: Vegas Baby!

Birthday: Dec 1st

Left or Right handed: Right handed but oddly enough prefer the left while giving a handjob!

Nickname: Bri

Athletic Ability: Oh baby, where do I begin, I believe I can achieve anything & I workout like & have the abilities of a professional athlete, 13% bodyfat and working my way lower

AREA OF EXPERTISE: I am an expert in many things, I’ve always been an entrepenuer & have the amazing ability to adapt…most people can’t handle their environment constantly changing.

OBSESSIONS: I am obsessed with my dog Baby, cliche but so true! Working out is my only real addiction unless you count my Louboutin shoe collection ;o)

STRENGTHS: I am able to adapt to anything as I said before, but more in depth, I am a survivor, I’ve had to overcome many setbacks and obstacles in my life and it has made me a very determined and strong woman.

WEAKNESSES: I am a micro-manager, all of my employees take advantage of the fact that I think my way is the only right way and in turn they have less resposibility. control freak

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