Brittnye B

Brittnye B

Name: Brittnye B
Height: 5’8
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Location: TX
Experience: Very Experienced

What are your measurements? Im 38c – 27 – 42 and 100 % natural

How old are you? i’m 24 years young :)

Current Location: I’m currently a TX girl where everything is bigger and better

Birthday:  July 6

Left or Right handed: Right

Nickname: my nick name to most is Brittnye B its stands for Brittnye Bombshell but i’m know more for using it and saying it’s Brittnye B*tch lol

Athletic Ability: I’m a very athletic girl I love basketball, running, tennis, and mostly dancing because I choreography

AREA OF EXPERTISE: I’m an expert in being myself! Fun, loving, and outgoing

OBSESSIONS: This is a easy one SHOES! I love them, love them , love them

STRENGTHS: my personality, most think that im unapproachable at first site but they soon find out that i’m one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever know.

WEAKNESSES: being too nice , some people try to take advantage of kindness but oh well..

I AM THE IDEAL WOMAN BECAUSE: I’m sexy , independent, but still willing to let the man take control when need be

I AM NOT THE IDEAL WOMAN BECAUSE: .… I can think of no reasons..can you?

WHY (TEXAS) GIRLS RULE: Because everything is bigger better and sexier in TX

ADVICE FOR DEALING WITH A (Texas) GIRL: Please please please… have yourself together in a state where everything is suppose to be bigger and better we expect your effort to be also!

What do you get complimented on the most (what do you think is your best feature)? Hmm, most of my compliments are just you are gorgeous or sexy so I guess that would be me as a me I think my best feature is my smile it’s inviting and yet seductive at the same time..

How did you get into modeling? I was scouted by a modeling agency at a local mall one day when I was just out shopping

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of? I’ve been casted for several runway and hair shows, I’ve done a vast amount of print work, I also do promotional modeling for different companies and products

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