Page 8 Beauty Of The Month

Page 8 Beauty Of The Month


Name:   Angelique

Height:    4’11 (small things come in dynamite packages)
Weight:   116
Measurements:    34DD-26-37 1/2
Hair color:    brown
Hair length:  medium
Eye color: green
Ethnicity: Dutch, Indonesian Chinese and Sicilian

BIRTHPLACE: I was born in Modesto, CA

CURRENT LOCATION: I now reside in Turlock, CA

page-8BIRTHDAY:  August 23

HAIR COLOR: My hair for now is Dark Brown

SKIN TONE: I have tan Olive skin tone


BLOOD TYPE (LOL):  ;) I do know my blood type

LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: I am ambidextrous… hello…!  I excel at everything I do!

NICKNAME: My family and close friends call me Angie (fun size) even though I prefer Angelique

ATHLETIC ABILITY: I love to workout! get a good sweat! I would say I am pretty athletic

HIGH SCHOOL EXTRA-CURRICULAR: I played soccer in HS and my other spare time I was training to be a fighter

VOTED MOST LIKELY TO: I was voted to most likely make it out of our small town someday

HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK QUOTE: “Our future is only what we will make of it!”

DO YOU WEAR GLASSES?: I am suppose to wear glasses when I am driving at night, in front of the computer or when I am reading!

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