Ms. Chantell

Ms. Chantell

Ms. Chantell a.k.k Mzz. Blacky
26 years old
black hair
Ethnicity: black
Chicago, IL

Fun facts:

What are your measurements? My measurements are bananas!! 34b-23-43 (whoa)

How old are you? I’m 26years old with a baby face

What do you get complimented on the most (what do you think is your best feature)? I get complimented on my ASS and skin tone the most. I think my eyes are the best feature to me because they are big but sexy…..

Where did you grow up? I had a hard life growing up.  I’ve lived just about everywhere in west south side of Chicago, Illinois staying in lots of shelters as a kid. It was a hard knock life but I think I’m better for it and I can still proudly say the West side is the best side!

Mzz. Blacky

How did you get into modeling? Actually, as a kid I used to always get, “You got a different look”  and as a child kids always called me ugly. Then one day one of my teachers said, “You know, with your skin tone and facial features you would be a great model .”  Soon more and more people started to tell me similar things so I started doing photo shoots.  At first,  I would get a picture back and never believe the beautiful girl seen was really me because my self-esteem was so low due to childhood teasing.  That was until this one time when I went to Model Search America in which hundreds of girls participated of every race, mostly tall and skinny.  I just knew I wasn’t going to be selected because though I was skinny, my butt was big and I was short  (5’4’’) on top of that. I think I was the only dark skinned girl there.  At age 15 when they called my name as the winner of that contest, I knew that I had what it takes.

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