Saint LA

Saint LA


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Name: Saint LA

Current age: 40
Height: 4′ 11″
Weight: 97lbs
Measurements: Bust 36; Waist 25; Hips 36; Cup DD; Dress 0
Hair Color: Black


Hair length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Bangladeshi Muslim
Location: Tampa, FL
Experience: Very experienced
Do you have children: Yes, 3.

What are your measurements? 34DD–25–36

How old are you? I’m 40, but I’m a hot mamma.

Birthplace: Bangladesh. I was born on a dirt floor in a remote village during my country’s Liberation war in 1971, and then brought up in England. And yes, I still have my British accent.

Current Location: I live in the sunshine state, Florida, with all the gator’s, snakes, and other creepy-crawlies.

Birthday: August 17th. Hooray for Leos!

Left or Right handed: Mostly right. But it really depends on which side of you I’m sitting on.

Nickname: Napoleon, because I’m short and have a dictator-like temper.

Athletic Ability: l do a lot of aerobics classes, spin classes (even though I cant ride a real bike), yoga and Pilates. But nothing beats my ability to touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Currently, I’m working on poking myself in the eye.

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